Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review of "The UInemployed Millionaire"

OK I just started reading this book call "The Unemployed Millionaire" by Matt Morris. I'm on page page 54 and wanted to start a Review of the book and in put my thoughts about the book So Far Matt Talks about A lot of really good things Chapter 1 is all about his story... How he came from living out of his car to a Millionaire.....Crazy I know right.... He mentions in his book that he really was not going anywhere in his life until he found personal development, He says that he listened to it almost all the time when her first found it, I like to think that I have been doing a lot of listening to it as well but I know I could do more of it. He also talks about Hitting Rock bottom the fact he had to use Gas station Bathrooms to bath, and the time he tried to take a shower in the rain. He mentions that the first speaker he listened to was Tony Robbins, one of the most well known personal development speakers and how he played his tapes over and over and over... Chapter 2 he talk about Becoming an Unemployed Millionaire and what it Really means... He talks about how it is hard work and you can't do it over night.. He mentions that The core of becoming a Unemployed Millionaire is setting up a Business that generates income even while you are not working in your business! What a great idea right! He also talks about the difference between the Average person vs the Unemployed millionaire... and list's off all the thing that make great points about how being a 9 to 5 worker is almost crazy! Chapter 3 Talks about Beliefs... One of my favorite chapters so far... He mentions the fact that every really successful person believes that they where going to be that way even before they where! In this chapter he talks about how people like Donald Trump when asked "How hard is it to make a 100,000?) Always answers That is easy as if your asking a crazy question... He mentions the golden rule to becoming successful SUCCESS=Your Skill * Your Effort ... You see if you take your skills and put in a tone of effort you will become successful! Many people have skills but never put in effort and many people put in effort but have no skills! He also talks about the 3 ways to Develop belief the first he talks about how at first you may need to LIE to your self, trick your brain into thinking you already believe in what it is your trying to do, 2 The way people say shape our beliefs... So If your listening to people say you will never become successful then you start to believe it too... and to put your self in the middle of people that are already successful... He talks about the Power of lies.... If you tell your self that you will become successful long enough your brain will start to think you are and allow your self to do the things you need to become that way... Chapter 4 Dreams Produce impotent results, He says in this chapter to Dream big... If your dream dose not frighten you it may not be big enough! How dreams are the Fuel to the Desire you need to become successful... Becoming successful is not easy you see... and you need to desire it so badly that nothing will get in your way! Success Breeds Success he also talks about... so Surround your self with successful people, Don't be a try baby! I love this... "If you want to achieve any goal, your first step is to declare it! Take 100 percent responsibility for creating it and the clear out all the words like hopefully, Can't, maybe- and the killer try! That is as far as i am right now... more to come latter!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 things every good networker must have and share with there team!

I have a great story for you today! Last night i was laying in bed and the most amazing thing happened to me I came up with a great thought. I was trying to think what it is that makes me a successful network marketer and how i can help others get what it is i have that makes me successful. After laying in bed for a few minutes i broke it down it into 3 simple things!
1. Motivation- You see every really successful network marketer has it! Now most people think that its money or a nice car or some thing like that..... But if you ask any top income earner what it is that Motivates them they will most likely say something like family, security, peace of mind something with more meaning then just money. You see if your using money to motivate you most likely you will lose your way! The reason this happens is simple money has little motivational effect on people... sure it can make you work harder but only for a short time. Now if your Motivation is to put your kids threw the best school that money can buy... well now that is something that will last!

2. Inspiration- inspiration is a vary important key, people will lose there path if they do not see others like them doing or having the things that they want, If your in a network marketing company and have been to a training then you know what Inspiration looks like and feels like... you most likely have seen people crossing the stage or talked to people that are being successful or maybe have even taken a spin in a car that some one was given by the company you work for... That lets you know all your hard work can turn into!

3. Belief- If you don't have it you will quite, If you don't Believe it can happen to you then what is it that will keep you going when times are hard... you see people will tell you that all you have to do is show the plan, show the plan, show the plan, well that is true but you will have to show it a lot and be able to take a lot of No's or even worse excuses why people can't do it! If i had a 1$ for ever excuses i have gotten I would already be a rich!

How If you have all 3 of the things i listed the key really is to share and teach them to your team! Because if you don't soon you will find your self by your self doing all the work once again... So take the things that give you the 3 keys and share and teach them with your team!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Doing what you say!

I just wanted a quick blog post about doing the things that you say your going to do! Its amazing how something people sometimes say things but never do them! I don't know how many times i have head you really need to do this Arlen, or I am going to do this you should do this with me and we will be much more successful! Almost every time someone has come to me I have jumped on it and gone gun ho, almost to a fault i don't look right i don't look left i just do it day after day after day... And about 2 months go by and I pick my head up to look around a notice that I am all alone! No one is beside me doing that thing that was never my idea no one is doing the things that you really need to do to become successful not even the person who's idea it was!! Crazy right! Now most people would stop or just give up but not me I just put my head back down and start going hard at it again! Why do you ask? well its really simple people at the top do things that others wont do! Its the old saying. success= Short term actions * time! So if your doing the things that it takes even if your the only one doing them you will come out on the top!

To join my group a group that I lead and will never give up on!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank everyone who has been helping me with all my videos, blogs, and my biz! Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the great feed back and the great friendships! I hope you have a great Easter... be save and lets hit the ground running on Monday!

Friday, April 2, 2010

To much Info!? Find out what is working now!

So much info, so many books, people telling out try this try that!? If you have to much info and no time to try it all or just wish someone would tell you the things that are really working then this is for you! Find out what the top income earners are doing and have them show you what is working! I am going to keep this post short because i want to see what is working now!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why do 98% of network marketers not make any money!? The Marketing!

OK last part of the reason 98% of network marketers fail! They don't understand how to market I went into this a little bit in my last Blog post! So now you have that awesome list of names and #s do your research on that list how on that list already uses the things that you sell and if so can you save them money? If the answer is that you know people and that you can save them money then your job will be 1,000 times easier! OK so you have that list broke down to who uses your product already now this is the hard part you need to call them and mention that you might be able to save them money! WOW that was hard! Not really but again the 98% of people that fail wont do just that! pick up the phone and call the people that want to save money on the things they already buy! So lets say you do pick up the phone and lest say the person answers the phone what now.. This is where you come in! Say Hi this is Your name i noticed that your book a trip i was wondering if i could show you a way that you might be able to save on your next one would you be interested?...... wait for answer... You would great what time are you free this week.. its best to set appointments the same day but it dose not always work set the appointment sit down and show them your products and how they save money when they use them.... so they like the products here is your in! Mention that you the seller makes money when people buy the products and ask do you keep you income options open?..... wait for answer... you do well here is how i make money selling the things that you just bought! Remember that on every one will want to start a business but almost everyone wants to save on there travel! TO SAVE ON YOURS